Course descriptions provide a fairly accurate picture of what to expect from a given course.  Most courses include classroom time followed by range time (shooting) at an outdoor range.  Students should be appropriately prepared for their time spent on the range.  Basic courses (including Basic Pistol) includes the use of firearms, ammo, and eye & ear protection.  Other courses vary with equipment expected from the student.

Any student wishing to take a course should consult the schedule for the course they desire and then use the following link to sign up for the course - - once the student information is added and saved the NRA will generate a notice to the instructor indicating a waiting student for a given class.  Within 24 hours of that notice, a personal email will be sent to the student with further instructions for the course they have signed up for.  Typically the email will contain information on how to pay for the course, any equipment that should be brought by the student, and contact information for the instructor should you need to reach him.
Should you need to contact Western Maine Firearms & Training before a course, or if you have questions, please use the following information to do so:

Matt Brawn
Cell: 603-545-2184

Generic contact email:

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